"Mhhhh, so nice and fancy. But so functional." - Me (2018)

betterWetter? Why?

We used weeWX as a data-management- and visualization-tool for a long time, but weeWX has some problems:

  • outdated technology
  • slow
  • not responsive
  • not dynamic

The backend (data-collector) of weeWX is really a great piece of software, so I'll keep using it. That's why betterWetter connects to the existing database.


Dynamic GraphCards
  • fancy way to monitor your weatherdata
  • connects directly to your weewx MySQL-Database
  • responsiveness
    • dynamic graph-cards
    • modular dashboards

How? - All about the fancy things:

betterWetter uses state of the art technology.

  • Frontend:
    • dynamic graphCard
      • Baidu ECharts
    • Angular + Angular Material
  • Backend:
    • dockerized
    • connects to weewx's MySQL-DB
    • based on python
  • Workflow:
    • jetbrains-tools
    • gitlab


openSource - Merge me baby one more time:

betterWetter is going openSource after the first release!