Featured image of post bly.li - url shortening with golang

bly.li - url shortening with golang


Excited to share my venture into GoLang with bly.li, a budding URL shortening project. This endeavor aligns perfectly with Go’s philosophy of lightweight software. Here’s a peek into the architecture:



Service Description
Traefik Reverse-Proxy
Shortn Shortener-Service - Handles new shorten-requests and stores them into Redis
BlowUp Redirects to the saved URL - So it blows up the short-url to full and redirects via 302
Redis The data-platform for this app. Stores shortens and is used for messaging via Redis Pub/Sub


This project is my stepping stone into GoLang, exhibiting a microservices approach enhancing scalability. Although not fully operational yet, it’s a meaningful stride towards mastering Go. Join me in this learning expedition, contribute, and let’s revel in the simplicity and efficiency of Go together!