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Print0box - pBox2.0

Introducing pBox 2.0: Revolutionize Your 3D-Printing Environment

Welcome to a new era of 3D-printer cabinet management with pBox 2.0. Combining smart technology and intuitive design, pBox 2.0 offers you full control over your printing environment. Here’s a snapshot of the system’s components and features:

pBox 2.0 Overview

  • Heart of the System: pBox 2.0, crafted in GoLang, orchestrates the environmental control with precision and reliability.
  • Communication: Utilizes MQTT for efficient messaging between enclosures and the controller.
  • Custom OS: Each enclosure runs on pBoxOS, tailored for managing local environmental conditions.

Environmental Control Features

  • Temperature Sensing: Monitors conditions with the DS18B20 sensor, maintaining the perfect printing atmosphere.
  • Airflow Management: PWM-controlled fans regulate air circulation, keeping your prints flawless.
  • Illumination: Adjustable PWM-controlled LEDs provide optimal lighting for your 3D-printing needs.

Connectivity and Interaction

  • MQTT-Broker: The communication hub that relays commands and data between the pBox 2.0 and enclosures.
  • REST API & Websocket Endpoint: Offers integration capabilities and real-time interaction with the pBox-Dashboard.

User Interface

  • pBox-Dashboard: A modern web frontend that provides intuitive monitoring and management of your printer cabinet.

Stay tuned for more on how pBox 2.0 can streamline your 3D printing process and open up new possibilities for your creations!